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Refund Policy and Cancelation Policy

Last updated January 1, 2012

Cancellation Policy

HHSmithy.com allows you to cancel your subscription with 30 days advance notice. You will continue receiving service until the end of your next billing cycle. If you ever decide to cancel your service you can go to ‘My Account’ and select Modify and then Cancel subscription or send us an email to [email protected] from the email you used to create the account with your account name and reason for cancelling the account.

Refund Policy

All of HHSmithy’s services are offered on a month by month basis. We offer full refunds for subscription plans within the first 14 days. In addition we do not offer refunds for bulk hand history purchases, third party software purchases or any other purchase outside of the monthly hand subscription service.


HHSmithy does not offer credit for planned service downtime.


HHSmithy does not offer credit for planned service downtime.

Datamining Downtime

If we are unable to datamine a poker site for 31 days we will offer full refunds of any remaining credit from the point the site went down for user's with that poker site in their service. Whilst a site is expriencing downtime user's will not be charged daily.

Discounted Plans

HHSmithy does allow refunds for our long term discounted plans. If a user signs up for a 12 month subscription and then want's a subscription after 3 months, the amount refunded will be calculated using the full month to month price, and not the 12 month discounted price. If a user wants a refund due to over 30 days of site downtime the refund will be for the full discounted amount.